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1987 oil pressure 0



Hey guys I just learned of this site and am so pleased. The nick of time as they say.
I have an 87 coupe that has become my daily driver. 112thousand very wonderful miles.
Suddenly the baby girl is scaring hell out of me. As engine temp reaches 160 the oil pressure begins to drop and a temp of 185 it is at 0. I suspect that an oil press. sensor has failed but don't know for sure.
I have purchased one but now don't know where to put it. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
thanks, jer
Ok....this may be a little difficult to describe, so bear with me. It appears that the sending unit is located at the back of the engine block...near the top...on the driver's side, possibly under the plenum, but I can't tell for sure as the diagram that I have isn't accurate enough. Unfortunately, my scanner isn't working at the moment so I can't scan the diagram in for you to see what I'm talking about. Let me work on it later this afternoon, and see if I can get a pic here for you to look at it.

I would highly suggest that if you're going to perform your own service on your Corvette, you really should consider purchasing a 1987 Service Manual which will have adequate information and diagrams to perform most service operations yourself.
Under pressure!

OK lift the hood
Look at the distrib.
underneath the distrib Drivers side there should be a large silver bullet shaped thing with 1 wire on the back ( like the one you bought)
Remove cap on distrib... gives you a little more room to work on ( and mark your plug wires while your at it).
pull single wire off back of sender.
CHECK very carefully for signs of oil leakage. remove old one. This is a bear take your time
clean threads on fitting
put new one in
re connect wire. You might want to squeeze the female connector down just a bit to insure proper contact.

If the sender is NOT connected properly you will get a reading of 70psi ( with the engine off)

Hope this helps

:beer Thanks for the help in locating the oil pressure sensor. It did the trick now back to normal oil pressure and fun. Many thanks and I wish I could buy you a beer. jer

I would like to know what PSI my oil should be at. When I'm stopped in traffic, it usually reads 16-18, but when I'm moving, it could be anywhere from 36-50. I don't see any leaks or abnormal oil consumption. Do you think I could have the same problem? I've been told that my oil pressure is a few pounds low, is that true?
1987 oil pressure

Hey Bullwinkle,
Your oil pressure is yours, but I can tell you that with over 100,000
on my 87 it still reads 37 to 40 in traffic. More like 57 to 60 cruisen. Mine began to drop slowly over the last 6 months, I naturally figured wear and tear ok, but when it really started dropping I started looking. The oil pressure sensor had failed completely.

Put a gage in it and check it that way or for $25.00 you can put a new sensor. :w good luck hope this helps. jer
BullWinkle said:

I would like to know what PSI my oil should be at. When I'm stopped in traffic, it usually reads 16-18,


Stock senders and gauges are not always accurate. However, at a safe minimum, your engine only needs 10 psi per 1,000 RPM. Therefore, if your equipment is accurate you have acceptable oil pressure.

You will see changes in your pressure based on weight of oil, oil type, additives, outside temp, and driving conditions. So, almost everyone on the Forum will post different numbers based on what kind of combo they are running.

In my past experience with the C4, they typically will post a little higher at idle. Next tune up, pop in a new quality (delco if possible) sensor and see what you get.

My first (negative) experience with the Corvette oil sender was pretty funny, and disgusting.

I was cruising home from work, newly married, new homeowner, and thought I was Mr. Stink. Well, I stopped at a red light and was really smelling some terrible oil burning. When my tail wind caught up to me I was surrounded in a cloud. At this point, I become the center of attention (not because I am Mr. Cool), as everybody begins to move their cars as far away from me as possible.

I limped it home (less than a mile from there) and parked in the middle of my driveway (big mistake) and left the engine running while I pulled the hood and took a look.

Little did I know, the smaller sensor of the two blew the top off and was letting oil pump right out of the engine. Of course, I looked back and noticed I made a nice trail down the street and on my new driveway. Pulled the dipstick and noticed it was not even registering! This all went down in a matter of moments.

Okay, long story short-when it comes to the oil pressure sensor, I will not buy any aftermarket substitutes. That almost cost me my car, it did cost me a major stain on the driveway, and I bet those people in traffic are still talking about the smokey Vette.
0 oil pressure

Thanks for the heads up, I will make sure not to get married. the driveway I can live with the vette I can fix and -- well.:L
Under pressure

My 88 116K miles
Cold 20-50 Casterol GTX

Idle 35-38 psi
Running 65-70 psi

Idle 24-29 psi
Running 50-55 psi

Put the new sensor in!

Oil pressure ... My 87 113,000 .. reads as follows..

outside air temperature 97*

engine temp -205*

a/c on

engine idle 600 rpm

oil pressure at idle- 19 lbs

no problems or symptoms that I can tell..
Sounds Like sender to me!

Just replace it! It's what 30 bucks and 2hrs It couldn't hurt.
Mine is 55-60lbs at cruise, 1/2 that at idle, 88 with 70Kmiles.
147,000 miles....replaced sending units last year....70 psi on startup...55-60 while cruise, 25-35 idle regardless of OAT and or A/C on....running 5W-50...

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