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1988 Alum. Engine heated up



I have aquired a 1988 with the alum. engine. It appears to have been overheated at one time and still wants to run hot. I've removed the spark plugs to see if any are washed clean but they all appear to be normal. I also have charged the cylinders with approx 135 psi and checked for bubbles in the radiator but none appeared. I also charged the cooling system with approx 16 psi with fluid in it and could only find a leak at the intake manifold.
The engine has 148,000 mile on it and is running strong. I don't want to pull the heads unless I have to but on the other hand taking the inake off has me so close to the heads, I surely don't want to have to redo all that work if I don't have to. Any advise would be appreciated.

If the plugs are clean.. and the comp is at 135 per hole.......And no radiator leakdown....I would say no.

Flush cooling system
Check water pump for leaks
Put in Low temp fan control
Get gunk out of front of radiator
( do you have AUX fan option?)

How hot did it get/ does it run... I got mine to 255 for a few minutes...it survived.


All of the above ;) and be sure to check those radiator hoses, sometimes they will collapse. As the temp rises inspect them, then again during cool down.
88 over heating

When I got my 88 it was running up to 228 then the cooling fans came on. Even though the sensor to trigger the fans is set at 228 degrees I opted for the after market kit that turns the fans on at 200 degrees. I also have gone with the 160 deg thermostat and replaced all hoses with GM product. Now everything runs cooler. Also check your lower spoiler. It does bring air up into the radiator. If it's gone or broken the flow to the radiator will be cutoff.

Thank You

Thanks Everyone for your imput...
Your information was most helpful.

Thanks again,

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