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1988 clutch issue


New member
Jan 21, 2020
1988 Z51 cpe
I replaced the flywheel, pressure plate, disc, throwout bearing, pilot bushing, slave cylinder, fluid line between master and slave. I had no clutch problems prior but replaced everything because I had to remove my tranny for repair. I can get the tranny in gear with the engine off, cant get it in gear with the engine running. With car off the ground, in gear, with the engine running My speedo shows 5 mph with the clutch in and out so I am assuming the clutch is not disengaging. I bled it at the slave, and am going to try pushing fluid through from the slave and vacuum bleeding from the master. If these methods dont work, I have read threads about changing the spacer behind the master. Is this method applicable to 84-89 or only 89-96 models? Also, has anyone tried a longer pushrod between the slave and fork?
on my 90 I had to remove the slave and tip it to get the air out . the way the slave is mounted in relation to the bleed valve air was staying in the cyl.
Thanks, already did that and already did the press the pedal 50 times.

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