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Want to sell C5 but sticky clutch pedal


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Sep 12, 2019
2017 BlackRose Z51 StingRay
Hi all.
I’ve had a 2001 coupe for about 3 years now with only about 62k, wanting to sell but sticky clutch.
I’ve seen the discussions here about changing the clutch, slave & master cylinders and what a bear/expensive job it is.
I’d like to spend as little as possible before selling, but realize the impact the clutch pedal will have on potential buyers.
I thought I’d have a shop replace the slave cylinder until reading that you’re dropping the drivetrain to get to it and $1100+.
Could I expect to just drop the price by $1200 and get a fair price?
Car looks very clean otherwise and everything else works fine.
What do you mean by sticky clutch? After it’s hot and a high rpm run over 4-5000 rpms or all the time?
Meaning the clutch pedal will not return on its own. I’ve installed a Lingenfelter spring that helped a lot with the return issue, but now it’s refusing shifts unless I double clutch most gears.
I'm betting that the clutch fluid is black, dingy and dirty and sounds like a flush job of the hydraulic fluid is in order. Every so often I take a large syringe, suck as much of the clutch fluid out as I can (from the reservoir from under the hood), refill, and work the clutch...about 30-40 times, then repeat until the clutch fluid is pretty clean/clear.

Now I do this about every 1500-2000 miles, or whenever the clutch fluid starts looking dark and dirty. Just suck out what is in the reservoir and refill.
Yes - dirty fluid, and I have been doing the syringe on it for a while now and it smoothes the shifts a little bit not enough to make a big difference
Typically, you don't need to pressure bleed a hyd. clutch. All you need to do at most is manually bleed it and often just working the clutch pedal after changing/adding fluid gets the air out of that system.

If you've been "flushing" the fluid with a syringe and it's ok for a while then becomes troublesome, again, you probably need to replace either the master or more likely the slave, or both.

You may be able to find a shop that will do that for less cost but in some cases, less cost means lack of skill at doing that complex job or lack of the proper tools to do the job.

Unfortunately, since C5-up uses a concentric clutch slave there's no cheap repair. The transaxle and tube need to come out.
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