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Question: 1988 Coupe, Door Panel Removal to Replace Bose Amp


New member
May 23, 2012
Springfield, MO
1988 35th Anniversary; 1962 Roadster
Hi Guys,
I'm a new member and posting for the first time. I have a bad Bose Amp in the passenger door and am thinking of replacing the two electrolytic caps on the amp board. I'm familiar with pc board work so that's not a problem. I've replaced the rear amps and would like to keep the audio system as is. I found an article detailing removing the door panel on a 1985 C4 vette with photos and first question is: Is the 88 similar enough for me to use this article? Second question: How exactly is the vapor barrier secured to the door and is it necessary to remove it just to get the amp/speaker out? Third question: Is removing the "metal brace" required to get the amp/speaker out? Last question: Is removing the regulator required to get the amp/speaker out? If removing the regulator is required, then this would probably be a deal killer for me. It looks very difficult. I've heard that removing the amp/speaker is tough but can be wiggled up and around to get it out. Takes some time but patience is required. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.

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