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Rear Hatch Latch Removal - need help


New member
May 10, 2020
Southern Oregon
Looking for a Forum member that has knowledge of how to remove/replace the rear hatch latch on a 2016+ Coupe. This is the "auto-pull down" liftgate latch for the rear hatch.
I know there was a recall/tech bulletin for the convertibles, but mine is a coupe. I know the solution for earlier C7s was to leave the window or door slightly open to release pressure when closing the hatch.
My actual latch has gone bad and I'm hoping to replace it (car is out of warranty and I have no dealership close by). I've got the rear interior panel off so I'm now looking directly at the latch. I heard some people say that you have to remove the rear bumper to access the bolts holding the bracket in place, others say that's not what the dealership does.
Anyway.....does anyone have experience removing/installing this latch? (Maybe detailed instructions or better yet photos). If the latch itself is unbolted it doesn't appear that it can be raised enough to remove from the bracket because it hits the body overhang directly above. (Photo with orange tape shows the body overhang area).
Can any help out????


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