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1989 corvette-runs great then stalls out


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Sep 3, 2019
Was gifted a 1989 from my grandmother car runs great temps and everything good except just out of the blue while driving it will stall out without warning no sputter or anything. I got it and put brand new battery and battery connectors on it, new air filters, all fresh fluids. Tried to start and it would turn over but not fire up, sat in the car tried to start it, left key in on position for about 10 minutes turned key off and then tried to start again and it fired right up. Got it running let it idle for along while about 20-30 minutes, drove it all around our property and it was running great so I took it out on the road and went up the hill behind our house and started around the curve and just as I started to brake it stalled out and lost powering steering and brakes. Once it came to a stop put it in park and tried to restart it, it will turn over but will not fire. This was last night, got home and tried to start it tonight, thinking it was getting to hot maybe, but still will not start, just turns over but never fires. I’ve read some of these threads and some issues are similar but I have not seen anyone giving a definitive this was it and this fixed the problem. I’m currently sitting in the vehicle doing a test to see if it is the VATS security system or something causing it not to start up after it shuts down, since that was the only way I could get it to start up after replacing the battery. Any other suggestions on why it gives us a fit to fire up and then just randomly stalls out while driving?
Update now the brand new battery I put in yesterday is dead. Vehicle will not even make a sound when trying to start. :(

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