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1991 C4 six speed shift linkage


New member
Oct 30, 2021
1991 C4
Hi, shifter is sloppy as all get out and will no longer go into reverse, trying to remove and replace it. Any tips on removing the interior panels? Hoping to do this without aerial acrobatics. I do have a "Quick Jack" so up in the air is possible, any suggestions?
Ever figure this out? If not, the problem is likely a bolt that runs through the side of the shifter, which anchors the shifter. Mine had the same symptom, and it was b/c the bolt had backed out. The bolt won't fall all the way out; it hits the inside of the tunnel before it falls out, so you can simply line up the parts and thread the bolt back in. All of this is done from under the car.

If you're still on the forum, and still have the problem, I can post a pic of it for you....

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