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1993 Corvette



I was down on base a while ago and i stopped by the "for sale" car area. I noticed a 1993 White Corvette and it looks good on the outside but the drivers seat is badly worn on the left side other than that it seems ok... they want 12,000 dollars for it. i need some feedback in what to look for and what problems it would have for this year.
1993 was a great year. Seat covers are cheap.

Other than not having the sexy curves of the C3, I hate to tell you that one ride behind the wheel of that 300 fuel injected hsp engine and sophisticated suspension and you will be hooked.
93 vette

I own a 92, basically the same but the front wheels. I only have good things to say about mine. $12,000 for a 93, do your homework, if you really want that vette, don't let it go!!! The beat up seat, well, it is replaceable with a new or old one. Good LucK
Is that a good price for a 93 vette. i wanna maybe buy it for my oldest sons birthday. he will be 21 yrs old and we can take the "VETTES" TO WENDOVER.
That's a really good price on a '93. What condition is the rest of the car in? Do you know the mileage? If possible, maybe try and run a quick Carfax report on it. Good luck!

i don't know the mileage yet or nor have i driven it . the body looks good,
93 vettes

look on Edmunds.com for "bottom dollar" prices. Of course, after you drive it, it may follow you home! LOL,Mine did!
Good hunting!:beer
12k is cheap,with a drivers seat worn out its probably a daily
driver with high miles,ask how long they have owned it. and
what repairs and mantinance have been done,if its been took care of high milage is ok,be weary if they owned it less than 6
months and are selling it. vette owners know what there cars
93 corvette

the seat wear is not a good indication of the cars miles. the left side bolster .made getting in and out very hard. if your a small guy it was not bad but if your are a large person then that side wears fast. i have seen 12000. mile cars with the seat shot. the C5s are just as bad. things to look for check the front frame rails see if they look like they have been painted or just look to new . also LT1s have poor water pumps they like to leak and because they are over the dist. many times they kill the dist. and that gets exspensive. check for paint on mldgs. and trim with a white car it is easy to see. body repairs are fine if done right but i find that most shops treat corvettes like it s a geo or something, they dont like to take things apart to do paint work. all and all a 93 is a great car. also if the car has some miles check for nose in the rear wheels, the rear wheel bearings dont last much past 50000 miles drive the car see if it is tight and not coming apart dash should be tight. 12 grand is not bad for a good 93
There is nothing like buying a new Vette
to add some excitement to your life. Go for it. Do check the mileage. That is very relative to the price.
The good news is that with the economy being slow, and the constant threat of higher gas prices, these beautiful cars are at bargin prices.

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