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1995 Performance numbers



Hi guys. I was just wondering, does anybody know the performance numbers for a 1995 LT-1 with a 6 spd. 0 - 60/ 1/4 mi / ect? Thanks.:cool
Welcome to the CACC Glixxer1.

I dont know the spec's off the top of my head, but the '95 LT1's should run close to 5.2sec 0-60 and a 1/4 in the mid 13's I would imagine.

I'm pretty sure this is accruate, but if it's not, rest assured we will find out.:D

Hey man, thanks for the info. I was just curious. By the way, bad ass GS!:cool
Not bad, I was pretty close.:) Thanks for the info Keith.

Glixxer, I'm glad you like Eye Candy.:) She is pretty kick ass! Check out the link to her web site in my signature. I've got a lot of pic's there.

That is all well and good

except if you are trying to do it at 5800 feet above sea level! :hb

Thin air robs the power. Up here, you add about a second to your 1/4 mile times. I need to work on my 60' times, but I hit 14.9 at the 1/4, and hit 151 before running out of freeway. Yes, with the top down :_rock
dosent the chip already make allowances for the altitude? That's what the MAF sensor does right? Calibrates the fuel/air mixture?

And on that note, with a naturaly asperated engine, you can only stuff as much O2 into the combustion chamber as there is in the air.


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