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1996 Collector


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Mar 5, 2002
Kansas City, Mo, USA
1998 Black Coupe
Well, I'm finally getting serious on purchase of a car. I found a 1996 Collector Edition today with only 17k miles on it, but the dealer was asking an obscene amount of money for it (at least it feels like it to me). According to the spec sheet here at the CAC, there were 5,412 of the Collector Editions made. Are they really worth that much more money?

Any input is appreciated.

Greg :eyerole
The best that I could haggle was $26,000, and that just seems outrageous to me.

I could be wrong...
Is the car an LT-4 or an LT-1? That would make a difference. Coupe or convertible? That also reflects in the price tag.

Honestly, if the car is in excellent condition, the $26,000 price tag is really not that far off from others I have seen with similar mileage. If it were an LT-4 CE convertible in excellent condition, then that is a very fair price given the mileage.
The car is an LT-4 in excellent condition.

It is a coupe with the glass top, Z51 suspension and a gray/silver interior.

Thanks for the reply

The price seems inline/a little high for a dealer sale.
For a private party its a few thousand high.
The condition makes a difference.
Sometimes buying from a dealer is helpful; easy transaction, financing easy, service avail, warranty avail...
Good luck, be patient
Chris :)
LT4 AND Z51!

I think it is a pretty good price for this car with the low mileage. Check to see if it has all the documentation and that it has been checked/repaired for the TSB on the roller rockers.
That's the thing that kills me about the dealer... No documentation is with the car except for a couple of handwritten notes of oil changes in 2000.

It's not at a corvette retailer, rather on the pre-owned section of a chevy dealer. Not a single person there has any of what I would consider the required knowledge to even sell the car.

I'm going to pass on this one. The wait goes on. Thanks to all for the input

Shopping for a vette...

Hell LMN8R...
I think you encountered something that a lot of dealers are doing more of, and that is, the dealer who had the car you looked at didn't actually take that particular vehicle in on trade. More than likely, they either bought it at an auction, or they bought it from the dealer that did take it in on trade. When I bought my car, I knew that I was buying it from a wholesaler, and that they had probably bought it at an out of state auction. As we were getting closer to making the deal, it was disclosed to me that they had actually bought my car from the chevy dealer that took it in on trade when the previous owner decided it was time for a new one ! I have been following the price of LT4 powered CE's on e-bay, and within this week there have been two such vette's up for auction. One of the two sold for $24,500., the other one didn't reach it's reserve price and was re-listed.

Sounds like a beautiful car! LT-4 and Glass Top all in execllent shape sounds like a good find.
?TSB on the roller rockers?

Can somebody give me some more info on "that it has been checked/repaired for the TSB on the roller rockers."

Just want to make sure I have mine checked.

Re: ?TSB on the roller rockers?

Can somebody give me some more info on "that it has been checked/repaired for the TSB on the roller rockers."

Just want to make sure I have mine checked.


Click on the Knowledgebase tab at the top of this page. Select 1984-1996 Corvettes. Select Engine and Mechanical. 1/2 way down you'll see Recall: 1996 LT4:....etc. Select that one and click the Answer button.

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