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1996 z51 option?



Can someone tell me what items were part of the z51 package. I know it had different shocks and sway bars but was there any thing else.
Gil, the Z51 option was replaced in 1991 with the Z07 option, which included KC4 (engine oil cooler for the L98 - which you don't have in '96), FX3 (selective ride and handling), heavy-duty springs, shocks stabilizers and bushings, and heavy-duty brakes. It also included P275/40ZR17/N black-lettered tires, required AG1 (power driver seat) and AG2 (power passenger seat) - don't ask me why?, and required G92 (performance axle ratio) if you were getting it with an automatic transmission-equipped car.

This information comes from my Black Book which is dated 1995. :eek: But then, I've got an '87 so what does it matter for me, eh? :L

It should apply to your set-up if you have Z07, and I should update my Black Book. ;)

_ken :w
Ken, what are you thinking???

In 1996, Chevrolet brought back the "Z51" package. (name)

You could only get it with coupes.

Springs were up-graded as well. But, were still very soft compared to previous years performance packages. Same spring rates as a 1995 stock "FE 1" package (base susp.)

This also gave you 17" x 9.5" wheels front and back with the 275 series tires on all four corners, instead of 285's in back with 255 up front.
(except with the Grand Sport package of course)

Not many were produced that year. (1,869)
Ken said:
This information comes from my Black Book which is dated 1995. :eek:

...and I should update my Black Book. ;)

Hey Tom, I filed a disclaimer right up front. :L
Thanks for the info Tom. I race the car in super stock class and a sore loser said my car wasn`t legal because it didn`t have the brake upgrade.I argued that the larger brakes only came on a grand sport. not in the z51 option. Is that correct. I tried to reason with the guy that the smaller brakes were a disadvantage to his grand sport anyway.Go Figure!
Thanks again
Big Brakes


Starting with the 1995 model,(95 and 96 anyway) ALL Vettes came standard with the "big brakes" J55 option from earlier models Z07 and ZR1 package, thats right, you have the same brakes as a ZR1.

Only differnce with the Grand Sports was a fancy painted caliper with the letters "C-O-R-V-E-T-T-E" spelled out and visible thru the wheel spokes.

One up-grade some people with show cars do is to buy and install the Grand Sport calipers onto there stock 95 or 96, but this is only cosmetic. No performance gain at all!

Hope this helps.

Thanks again,I thought I knew my Vette`s better than that. But that`s the exact info I needed for ammo at our next race.
Can you swap out the base suspension shocks for Z51 shocks? Will they fit?
jasbogart said:
Can you swap out the base suspension shocks for Z51 shocks? Will they fit?

Yes, it's the same shock design. The valving is different, that's all.

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