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1997 problems



I have a 97 vette, When the car is using a lot of sytems i am getting a large power drain(electrical)which seems to be larger than it should took the car to an alternator guy and with the heat ,lights,stereo on when rolling down the windows I am getting almost a 2 volt drop alternator guy cold not get parts for this car took to dealer said the charging system was ok but when i showed him the amount of drain he handed me a gm bulletin about power drain on the 97 model it is a very annoying problem as the heatergoes up and dowm and the lights dim severely when rolling up windows Should i put a larger alternator on the vehicle? Also when i hit hard bumps the service abs tcs lights come on and stay on until the car is restartes, error code checked out to be fr sensor something magnetic that senses too much space or something, well it doesnt affect either system but new sensor is 750.00 and it is just a magnet and a piece of metal both problems are really minimal but very annoying any suggestions
Hi there,
What is your mileage on the vehicle??/
While, it may be possible that your alternator is not working correctly, please remember that your alternator is PCM controlled for output. So, basically, if your PCM is not controlling your alternator correctly, then, you may not get as much output as you need.
You would need to monitor PCM parameters with a Tech2 in order to see if there is a 99% commanded output to the alternator.
This should be your first course of action.
As for your TCS codes, probably a 1225, or a 1226, I would NOT replace the sensor. Please check your wheel speed sensor harness first, before proceeding with diagnosis. With the amount of flex that this wiring harness has to do, I have done numerous harnesses, and only 1 sensor.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb

The mileage on the vehicle is 36500. I am not a specialist like you, could you please list what i should tell a repairman

Welcome to CACC. Sorry to hear about your problems, but hopefully you will get them straightened out and be able to really enjot the car. Everyone here is really helpful and nowledgeable so listen to them because your peoblems will be solved. Good luck.
Hi Ranman,
Ok, here is the first thing, retrieve the codes from the TCS, and the PCM, if there are any.
Once you do this, they can proceed diagnosis.
Codes are critical to correct diagnosis of any system.
Let us know how we can help further, c4c5:hb
thank you

I will proceed with your recommendations Thanks


Ranman signing off Nanu-Nanu

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