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Perplexed 65 "300"hp owner


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Dec 23, 2019
1972 yellow roadster
Have read forums about battery drain when Acc is on but I have a new one. I get battery drain in off position!
Have checked switch and verified poles work as expected. Found that mechanical regulator made a click noise when disconnecting battery. Ok reconnected and drove car. Shut off and checked after cool down. Alternator and regulator were quite warm. Disconnected battery. Click again. Installed new solid state regulator. Let sit. No issues with heat.
Ran car and charging system performing as expected. Shut down with no discharge showing on ammeter. No heat at regulator or alternator. Checked next day and both components were warm again. Pulled blue/white connector out of alternator and heat stopped. Checked blue/white poles in alternator and one of them was live.
Is this normal? The ignition is in the off position.
Do you have anything plugged into the lighter receptacle? Lighter element stuck in? Does your battery voltage drop overnight? Brake lights stuck on? Something is drawing on the system that is hot in ignition off position. Theft alarm system shorting? Disconnect a battery cable and test across from the cable to the terminal to see if there is voltage showing with key off. if so, remove one fuse at a time to see if it stops. If it does, you know what is drawing. If it doesn't, you may need to check the alternator. check this recent thread for procedures. Could be an internal component burned out causing a direct short. Evolution 80's still charged even though the rectifier was bad causing drain and other problems.

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