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1997 Whistle noise



My 1997 makes whistle noise at low speeds, i cannot determine where it comes. Anyone else have this problem?

First off........welcome to the CAC:D

Whistling as in windows not meeting the door molding? Or.....something mechanically?

Sorry, should be more specific. Mechanical , possibly in the rear, not sure as it is difficult to determine. It is very noticeable at speeds under 30 mph.
I wish I could help you out. Unfortuately, I'm not to famialiar with some of the mechanics of the C-5. Hopefully c4c5specialist will chime in soon and offer some suggestions.

Did you do any mods to the car. Some times when you do it changes things. I had a noise coming from under the hood. It was a seal that was not placed right, so air was going between the hood when I was driving. It is fixed now and no more noise. Check all of your seals and wheather stripping. Another place you can check is the air filter assembly. Believe it or not if it is not put together tightly air will go through and make a whistling noise. It happened in my brothers Camaro Z28, and it sounded like it was coming from the rear as well.
Questions please

Hi there,
First off, does it happen only when it is running, or do you have to be moving under 30 mph??????
This could be a clue.
Also, I didnt know if it is a manual or auto, but attempt to coast down from 40, and see exactly where the noise comes in, speed wise. Just slide the car into neutral, and see what you have, as when you put it in neutral, you take most of the driveline out of the picture, so you are basically seeing if the differential area is where the noise is located.
Best to you, c4c5
I have an auto trans. I can hear it when parked under no load, air off etc. and is noticable until the road noise drowns it out. The noise is probably more of a whine than whistle.
Does it change??

Hi there,
Ok, does the pitch of the whine change with engine rpm????
As your car is reved, does the pitch rise?????
Also, does it change, depending on what gear you are in?????
Please let us know, I have an idea, c4c5
Yes, the pitch of the whine does increase when I rev the engine. It does it whether parked or driving. I do have an automatic transmission.
Check your transmission fluid

Hi there,
Well, first thing is I would check your transmission fluid, as it is underneath the car, at the 22mm plug, located on the driver side of the pan.
The fluid must be checked when the temperature is between 80 and 125 degrees on the transmission temperature readout.
It should just dribble out of the hole.
Also, look to see if the fluid is aerated, or there are bubbles in the fluid.
Let us know, c4c5
Okay, I'll ask the obvious; could this be the "electric sewing machine" whine of the fuel pump?
Chevrolet issued a service bulletin in May of '98 dealing with '97 & '98 model year customer complaints of the pump's noise. Essentially, they replace the fuel pump assembly to fix it.
If this is a whistling-hiss you hear coming from behind and below the driver that can be heard then the car is stopped or is at low speeds with the windows up, being that the car's a 97; I'd guess the car has the fuel pump noise problem.

If it is in fact, pump noise, it's not a problem from a technical sense but it can be an annoyance to some.
As is stated elsewhere, there was a TSB fix for this.
Thanks, I am sure that is the problem. I am out of warranty so probably am stuck. Any idea on how much it would cost to replace the fuel pump?

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