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2 Repair Questions


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Dec 16, 2000
Soon to be Greeley, CO
Not Any More :( - '92 Typhoon #2482
I have two simple questions for all you repair guys and gals:

1. What is your best guess for the time it will take to replace two head gaskets?

2. Anyone have a cost estimate to replace all of the brake lines and power steering lines?

hope everyone's summer is going great and everyone is getting in lots of cruising,

T Jay
T Jay, I would guess, without looking at the book, about 8 to 10 hours would be for the heads. As far as the brake and fuel lines, I'm not sure. I have never done this with the body still on the frame, actually, I have done the brake line, but not the fuel. The brake lines should take a couple of hours and then at least another hour getting all the air out of the lines. This is if everything goes right, so don't plan on that...........Steve
Thanks for the info Steve. Now I know to plan on having at least 2 days for the head gaskets, just so I don't rush anything or forget anything. I should actually do the brake lines and stuff first though. It'll all get done some day soon, I hope.

Again, thanks.

T Jay

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