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20' wheels !



Help! ! ! I'm looking to put 20' custom wheels on the rear & 18' on the front of a 1999 Coupe. I'm having a terrible time finding 20' custom corvette wheels for a reasonable price. I'm aware of HRE wheels. Are there any other companies out there that carry the 20's for less than $1200/wheel?

Does anyone have any leads to where I can go to get 20's for a good price?
It will be tough because they are expensive because of their size. I don't know where else you can look. HRE wheels are very good.
Thanks Dan... if you happen to hear of any other place that carries 19's or 20's... I'd appreciate knowing those places...

I don't know much about wheels, as far as manufacturers, etc, but I do enjoy seeing different styles.
I've had this picture for a while & wondered when I read this thread if you'd seen these rims on a vette before.


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