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2001 convt engine bown in 2k miles



i recently bought a 2001 convt and drove it 2k miles. it developed an engine knock so i took it to the dealer. the dealer said i needed a new engine and that it would be 60 days or more before the car would be fixed. i called GM customer service - you would have thought i bought a cavilier instead of a vette.

GM customer service was nasty on my second call also so i filed a BBB case on GM to buy back the vehicle.

i had a choice of buyback or replacement and because GM was so bad i decided to try for buyback.

anyone have problems like this with a new vette?

please email me at dow7500@aol.com


bob fulton
How loud was / is the knock? All 2001 LS1 engines knock on start up and have a faint piston slap at idle. Just curious how bad your knock is and if it threw any DIC codes.
knock sound

the engine knock was pretty loud. i stopped by the dealership today and they have not found anything yet. they have torn down the engine and suspect cylinder 5 so they only have taken the left head off. the knock persisted even after start up - i had a 99 convt and it was just fine but i only drove it 11k miles before i bought this one. the dealer has recommended a new engine.

at first the knock would go away after start up but lately it has not.

i have filed a BBB arbitration claim against GM Chevy division and must appear thursday 8-09-01 for a repurchase of the vehicle. so far the car has been at the dealership 33 days. I can win this arbitration based on the 30 day out of service rule here in texas or the value rule if the engine changed.

GM customer service sucks!!!! if they would have offered a replacement car after they said it would take 60 days or longer to locate an engine i would have accepted that.

hope none of you folks expierence this.

thanks bob fulton at dow7500@aol.com
I have a slight knock with my 01 Vert as well. I have been told by several GM mechanics that it is a normal trait of the LS1 because in 2000 GM eliminated the "piston skirt" on the Vette engines to make the pistons lighter. I went through a BBB arbitration last year over TWO engine failures on my 2000 S10 Blazer. I ended up having to get a lawyer and take them to court. GM setteled out of court for over 50K plus legal fees. All I wanted them to do is replace the truck. GM is a very STUPID Corp. I have to say.
yes - i had my arbitration meeting and won. GM must repurchase the vehicle less a small mileage charge. Gm contacted me last week and said they would send a package to the dealership with the check.

I might add after they lost the decision they replaced the engine already. they claimed at the arbitration it would take 2 months otr more to get an engine but after they lost the case they happened to find one in a day or two (once it was their car again). What a piece of crap GM is for treating a customer like that!!

Bob Fulton

Yep, thats how I felt after my arb, with GM over my 2000 Blazer. GM could care less about there customers.
Black Ice said:
Yep, thats how I felt after my arb, with GM over my 2000 Blazer. GM could care less about there customers.

you're right about that Ross!

Unbelievable that a Corporation like that has such a poor understanding of customer service at times :confused

They probably haven't figured out that this sort of thing sends customers to other brands, thus lowering their market share. Well, you can be sure they look through the forums, so some GM person has probably read this by now.

Glad it worked out in your favor
Sorry to here about that, but at least it worked out in your favor. You or anyone else should not have to go through something like that. GM should take better care of their customers if they want to keep them as customers.
blown engine 2001 vette

i agree and it is good to win one once in awhile. however i still dont have the money - but i am supposed to have it this week.


bob fulton at dow7500@aol.com
It takes about three weeks for the packet with the checks to be sent to the Dealer. The Whole thing comes from Orlando Fla.

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