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2002 Corvette Press Release

Thanks Rob....

405 H.P. in an electron blue Z06... they sure know how to whet our appetites!!
Dang! I'll have to watch for those Z0-6's:D Those really have to move.......Thanks for the info Rob:)

Thanks Rob!

Thanks for posting the information Rob! Now to get to Bowling Green for Labor Day to see all of those Z06's.:W:
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You're welcome. I thought this was one of the better Corvette press releases that I've seen in a while. I really enjoyed the interviews with Dave Hill and Sam Winegarden. I think 2002 will be an exciting year for the Corvette.
Thanks Rob. I would like to put some emphasis on one particular question. When asked why not just increase bore/stroke, the answer was that the current developements are looking towards the future. Please oh please let this be a curt answer to stave off questions about a future corvette with a big block. Just think what they could do.
A New Vette

AAaaaooouuuu! (Like a were-wolf howling.) I wants me one a dem der new Core-vettes! Whoa! What a car... I did not read the details, but all I needed to see were the HP and torque numbers to go mental over this bad ride. I printed the pages out to read on the jet to Bloomington this afternoon. See some of you CACers at my hotel (Jumers) this evening. We certainly can drool over this car over a beer or three. Did they release prices? I may need to start a career in crime to get that kind of cabbage. Just kidding, I already have a career in crime, no need to start one.
:D :L :nono
production date

Does anybody know what date they are going to start production for the 2002 coupes? I know it is soon.
I beileve the factory shuts down for the first 2 weeks in July and production on the 2002 will start after they re-open in the third week.
If GM is doing "reasearch" on a C5/C6 with a bigger engine, they're doing it with the C5R "motorsports" block which is part of the Gen III engine family.

Typically, this engine is used in a 7.0L (427 cuin.) configuration.

The biggest problem getting a 427 to production will be CAFE and emissions with CAFE being the tough one.

If GM goes to production with a 427 in some limited production Corvette, look for some kind of cylinder de-activation system to get the required fuel economy.

Other choices for more power...lots more power, might be a supercharged 5.7. 450hp with a Roots or screw-type blower would be a snap for the Gen III V8.
SC also will not lower the fuel milage or raise the emissions at cruising speed. several of GM show cars and trucks now sport eaton SC. also buicks and pontiacs already have the eaton SC.
In re: the press release at the top of this thread: There are a few of incorrect statements or facts...

1) in the powertrain table, the special six-speed is listed for both the Z06 and the convertible.
It's Z06 only. Convertibles use the regular six-speed.

2) The recommended fuel is 91 oct not 93 oct.

3) The explanation of the 02 Z06 clutch is not correct. The stated changes to the clutch disc did occur but they were *not* responsible for the increase in clutch pressure. Other changes, not listed, are responsible for that.

4) Aluminum stab. bar links front *and* rear.

For additional information on the above points and more in-depth coverage of the 02 Z06 see:
Thanks Hib. I've made some of the changes/fixes as you listed them. Those are, as they came in the press release.

THAT! is one bad machine! although they have the Z06 emblem thing on the side, does anyone know if the ZO6 will continue to have read brakes as on the '01???

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