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2012 GS


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Dec 24, 2003
Conway, SC
'59 Blk/Red, '12 Crystal Red GS
Hi All,
I just purchased a 2012 Crystal Red GS (sold my '71); its a nice looking car. However, it originally had the dual roof option, but now only has the body color roof. It wasn't a deal breaker but the dealer said that he rarely sees the C6's with both roofs. Is that true ?
2) It only has one key fob. Again, not a deal breaker but would REALLY like to have a second fob. How much is a second fob going to cost me ? I assume I'll have to go to a Chevy dealer to order one, so I expect it will be fairly expensive.
3) It has the dual exhaust option, but the dealer told me you have to have a special fob to change from "sport mode" to "tour mode" and he didn't have it. Is that true ? How much will that thing cost ?
Thanks for any and all replies,
Bernie O
Congrats on your new Corvette! I've also got a 2012 GS in Velocity Yellow (avatar pic). Mine is a 2LT trim with the Dual roof and dual mode exhaust. As far as I know, the dual mode function is supposed to be automatic. If you notice, it's louder for a few seconds when you first start the car, then it quiets down. The idea is that it's quiet while putting around and then opens up automatically when you put your foot in it. Here's a short video that explains it:

I got lucky and got both roof panels and both key fobs. Neither key fob seems to have anything to do with the the exhaust.
Thanks for the reply ! After dong a little more research I believe you are right on the dual mode exhaust function. Apparently it is vacuum controlled and when you put your foot in it the vacuum opens the baffles .
So that solves that question, but I still need an extra fob. I've heard I will have to order it from a Chevy dealer and that it takes awhile to get it programmed. Oh well .... ya gotta do what ya gotta do !
Thanks again,
Bernie O

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