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I received my baptism by grease/fuel today!

Had to replace the fuel hose on the 78, and since everything is in storage, it was decided I could fit under the car to disconnect the hose from the fuel pump.

My hair was in the pine needles and grease is under my fingernails! Fuel ran down my arm, what a chill!

Hubby is laughing with me as I type this, since I am making such a song and dance production out of it! ;)

Well, I'm gonna drive to town and feed the 78s gas tank and get us a celebratory movie! I feel like watching Rocky!

And a fine job she did too. Hubby
It's makes ya feel good to do it yourself, eh Heidi? :D

You did a great job . It certainly is a women's world...Nothing like looking at a Vette from the bottom up and that grease under the nails takes days to come out ..;)
Thumbs Up !!

You go girl;)

Heidi, I'm glad to see you getting some hands on. It really makes you feel good when you can say "I did that".

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