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4 point belts, racing seats



Never really liked the seat belts or the seats.
Put some non-tilting racing Sparco seats in and modified the corvette specific Sparco seat bracket to enable the seat to tilt forward for rear access. The lap portion of the belts mount to the OEM locations and the sholder straps go through the rear shelf all they way back and attach to the rear crossmember.
The Cobra parts store sells brushed aluminum bezels to finish off where the belts go into the deck.
Now my head doesn't hit the t-tops over bumps and I stay planted in the seat around corners.
hey redmist

What are your time at the track, 1/4 mile times that is. With what your car weighs and the power its putting out I would guess low 12's.

Bet it's chock full of titanium hardware. :D Pics!! Pete, need pics!!

........ Nut

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