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454 headers



My 454 needs new headers. What headers can you recommend?
Thanks for you help,
What? No big blocks out there with headers? I had the chrome Hooker type side pipe headers on my '67 big block. Plug access was as good as could be expected and they stayed tight. I would think that Hooker's under chassis headers would be about the same. Headman has a good reputation for quality and fit. I've used them on small blocks before.

Wish I could help but

I just have the stock exhaust manifold. I have heard that headers make the floorboards even hotter than they already get, so I opted to stay stock.

Good luck!
Barb :w
As a general rule of thumb, Hookers cost more and require a bit more work to fit on most cars. The benefit is that they make more horsepower than Hedmans. All depends on whether you want to stay on Cheap Street or pay more for better quality.--Bullitt

Thanks for the input. I was starting to think that no one had a big block with headers.
Thorley, Hedman, and Stahl all make sets for BB corvettes. Hedman is an easier fit, not equal length, smaller primary tubes.
I have the Thorley equal length set which are pretty nice for mass produced. To reduce heat, I Jet coated the headers and applied Thermo Tec reflective cloth under the car. Works great.

The ultimate is to build your own, not for the faint of heart. Headers by Ed is the best resource I have ever seen on this.

Phil Mazza
72 468 5spd

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