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6-speed linkage adjustment



6-speed linkage adjustment?

My shifting is smooth in all gears (CAGS disconnected) but it is sometimes difficult to get into reverse and there is a definite "clack" when it goes in. '89 /original Clutch and 34K. The car has been stored in a heated garage for the past 2 years prior to me buying it last August; 45 miles one year and 17 miles the next.

Is there an adjustment for the linkage? I'm not familiar w/the ZF 6-speed, though I've had a couple of BMWs, a Corrado and other cars w/manual trnsmissions.

Thanks for any info...
I'm fairly sure there is no adjuatment available on the ZF 6speed. If it is sometimes a little hard going into gear check the slave and the master cylinder.
How do I do that? I'm not a mechanic, but I don't want to get ripped by a GM service dept. Is that internal to the trans?
Try this test.

Next time you fire it up cold, pump the clutch four or five times PRIOR to attempting reverse. If is slips right into reverse with no problems, you have a hyraulic issue.

There are a couple of easy checks. One, peek at the clutch master cylinder on the firewall just to the lower driver side of the brake booster. Is your level okay? Is the fluid brown and dirty, or clean?

Look under the car on the driver side of the trans next to the trans tunnel (going towards the throttle pedal) for any drips or wet spots on the slave cylinder.

Eventhough you have low miles, you could have moisture built up on the hydraulic system and could benefit from a fluid change.

Thanks for the tips, I'll check on thiose things and schedule a fluid change if no probklems show up with the hydraulic test.

Could not find any fluid leak marks anywhere and when I checked the clutch resevoir (after struggling to get it unscrewed, probably had never been opened), I found no fluid at all. I added fluid, started it, pumped the clutch, shut it off, added more fluid, and restarted it and the shifts were perfect.

That fluid probably had been down for a long time and finally got to the minimum lowpoint.

Funny, I have not driven it much but thought the shifts were harder than any car I ever had. Now I find it was the fluid. I'll monitor it closely to see if it drops again.

I'll also get the suggested fluid change when I have my next maintenance.

Thanks, I owe you a cigar.

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