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'68 -'73 parts for sale and needed

I could use a wiper motor for a '74. Let me know if you have something, price/shipping, etc.

68 parts

George, any chance of having a used ribbed rubber bellows without the flared ends for the windshield cowl actuator cannister?
76 stingray if anything will fit....

I am looking for good interior parts for my 76, dash pad, door skins, pillar panels, halo panel, in firethorn red if you have any, if not i can dye it all but the door panels.



Do you have the top radiator schroud bracket that bolts to the radiator bracket? it has 2 bolts on the very top.
68 L-89 Block

Hi George,

I have a 427 L-89 block from a '68. It was in good running condition when I took it out of my car. (It was in a '67 that I am restoring.) No leaks or cracks. Let me know if you are at all interested and I can send you an e-mail with the block stamp and date code.

- Kurt
Item # 15 Steering Column


I am looking for at item #15. I have a 72 that I would like to put tilt into. What is your price? what is the color?

many thanks


Hi All,
I have a large array of misc. C3 parts for sale or trade. Most all parts are original GM in good to excellent condition.

1) body parts; big and small block hoods (including an original '68 L88 cowl induction piece), fenders and fender pieces, bonding strips, top surrounds, doors, rear clips, one '69 front clip, exhaust panels, '68 reverse light panels and light assembly, front cowls, floor pans, t tops, battery boxes, filler panels, splash shields, inner fenders, conv. deck lids, etc.

2) brackets and braces; all bumper brackets and braces, a/c pieces, p/s pieces, alt. pieces, cowl support pieces, latches, recievers, shims, bolts, etc.

3) headlight assemblies and parts/pieces, tail light assemblies, lenses, housings, side marker lights, etc..

4) wiper door assemblies and parts/pieces.

5) wiper motors, alternators, power steering pumps and components.

6) engine compartment; complete big and small block engines, short blocks, heads (big and small block---iron and aluminum), intakes, oil pans, timing covers, valve covers, shielding, distributors, exhaust manifolds, pulleys, vacuum tanks, washer tanks, radiator supports, shrouds, hood props, vaccum relays/tubing/connectors/check valves/etc., etc.

7) electrical; TI components and harnesses, braided spark wires, dated spark wires, horns, relays, wiring harnesses, fiber optic harnesses, fuse boxes, radios/rectifers/amps./speakers, power window assemblies and parts/pieces, gauges, speedos, tachs, reverse light switches for 4 speed and auto, etc..

8) drive train; transmissions, clutches, bellhousings, forks/linkage, shifters, drive shafts, rear end units and parts/pieces, half shafts, brake calipers/rotors/lines and parts/pieces, a arms, drag links, sway bars, rear springs, steering boxes, fuel tanks/straps/bracket/sending units, etc.

9) interior; dash pads, door panels, top dashes, kick panels, left and right lower dash panels, seats and seat parts/pieces (including head rests), rear quarter panels and retainers, sill plates, shift plates, gauge bezels, arm rest pads, em. brake consoles, seat belts and buckles, t top straps and mounting hardware, wiper switches and bezels, ducting for a/c and non a/c, etc..

10) Glass; windshields, door glass, pop out rear window glass.

11) Convertible hard tops, soft tops, and parts/pieces.

12) lots of weather stripping, seals, '68 only door window wipes, misc. door latches/rods/lock mechinisms (including '68 only push button assemblies), access panels, handles, etc..

13) front grills and grill brackets (including '68 only brackets), vents, vent cables, a/c and non air control mechinisms, windshield stainless, hard top stainless, etc.

14) tri power intakes/carbs/linkage, etc.

15) steering columns (tilt/tele and std.), steering wheels, components and trim.

16) original side pipe cover assemblies (2 sets) and some parts/pieces, and one set of small block pipes/mufflers.

17) Ralley wheel sets and singles, trim rings and caps (including a set of "in the boxes" original rings).

18) nice '68 (late) big block frame/rolling chassis, nice '69 (late) small block frame/rolling chassis, small block '68 frame/rolling chassis, '69 frame/chassis with rust in the rear, some frame pieces, rocker channels, full and partial bird cages (cp. and vert.), full and partial windshield frames, front cross members, auto trans crossmembers, frame extensions, "U' braces, trailing arms, trans brackets, etc.

Prices and photos available upon request. Would rather e mail photos directly to interested parties, but will try to get some items up on this site today. Prices will be based on condition.

You can go to my Photo Bucket account-----435rdster, to get an overview.

I can be reached @ 210 748 4693 --San Antonio, Texas
or via e mail----- geopar@gvtc.com

Items I'm looking for:

1) '70 cowl insulation (rubber), non a/c.

2) any C1 big brake parts, especially 5.5" wheels and finned drims.

4) Always looking for GM high performance parts; blocks, heads, FI stuff, tri power stuff, intakes, TI distributors and components, etc.

Please see my post in the C1 section for more parts and more specific list of items I'm seeking for my personel cars.


Hi Vince,

Completely rebuilt, beautiful working and appearance condition (Black): $1,000.00 shipped.

I can recolor this properly to match your interior for $50.00.

210 748 4693
More items in photo bucket----435rdster---george wright

Many more photos in my photo bucket-----435rdster---George Wright

Many more items that have not been photographed---call or e mail with needs.

210 748 4693
I sent you a PM earlier today. I would be interested in the latches and lower brackets for the removable rear window. I have the window already, I just need the rest. Possibly the halo panels also. My E-mail is art.jett@yahoo.com. Thanks, Art
WTB Rochester 7041205 FD --- Do u hav one?

I need a Rochester 7041205 FD QuadJet.

My vette was built in first week of 1970 so any dte code from Sept thru Dec 1970 would be appropriate.

Ideal would be Date code between 2400 to 3650.

If you have a carb in that range please contact me at:


Thanks for your help.
Exhaust Manifolds 1971 BB

Hello, I'm looking for a pair of exhaust manifolds for a 1971 Vette LS5 engine. Build is mid-Feb 1971. 3880869, 3969869, 3880828 w/o a.i.r.. Have anything?
Need a few parts

I have a '73 vette and in need of a good front bumper. Do you have one?
Also, for the same vette I need the windshield washer pump that holds the electrical contact switch assembly. How much for each if you have?
do you still have the door panels, seat belts and seats? What color are they?
Hi George,

I'm trying to locate the seat back release assembly (underneath the back panel), with the spring, for my 68 Convertible. It is the type with the chrome latch knob on the side. Thanks!

Glen painless4u2@aol.com

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