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700R4 for my 1980

The problem is when you are on the highway crusing for about 15-20 min @ 60MPH or higher then get into traffic and have to slow down to around 40ish or below. Then once traffic picks back up and you are doing anything above say 50 (when it is supposed to shift into 4th and lockup), nothing the RPMs keep climbing. Try to down shift manualy...nothing...upshift...nothing...back off on the throttle...nothing.

I'm sorry to say that I don't 'know' this car anymore with all the changes I have been making in the past year(suspension, many engine mods, new trany, new tires & brakes, etc). I promise that I will get y'all better information on this trany and what was wrong.

I put a 700R4 in my 78. Next to the TPI, that was the best investment I ever made. Currently I have a 3.08 rear end and I tach about 3k at 100mph. Its just incredible.

That deep first gear packs a punch. Your Vette should launch like it has a 4.10 with that first gear.

Happy hunting!
Chip, how old is the tranny? Sounds like the fuild needs to be changed.
Still in the shop!

Wel if you look at the last time I posted you will see that it has been a while!

Well I got the car running with the new parts and man oh man does it feel faster. Much better throttle response. Bruce has the car as of last friday. I hope to get the car back towards the end of the week (we'll see).

Plus trying to find the time to take it over and run it on the dyno.

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