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700R4 for my 1980



Well my Vette has been in the shop for almost 2 weeks. I told myself when I dropped it of that I would just bite my lip when I thought about calling and asking "Is it done yet?"

Performance Transsmissions here in Sacramento is where all the work will be done. Bruce hooked me up about 18 months ago with a MUCH better 700r4 for my '88 Chevy Truck!!! He put a Corvette Valve Body, Converter and set it up so that it would shift harder. Man oh man does that thing shift hard!! I have been very happy with his work although he ain't cheap!

I guess this mod will run around $2700-$3200. It will be well worth the money though. 3700RPM @ 70MPH is just a little to many Rs to be running at for 2 hours a day. I jsut can't wait to drive it!

If you all want to be updated on how this mod turns out please reply to this thread. I will see if he is going to take any pics and I fwill try to get a parts breakdown and what problems he ran into during this TRANSformation (pun,pun).

Thanx, Adam

That is awesome. This topic comes up all the time, so plenty of pics would be great and some detail description of the mods including the choice of electronic control module would be excellent.
ChipHead said:
If you all want to be updated on how this mod turns out please reply to this thread. I will see if he is going to take any pics and I fwill try to get a parts breakdown and what problems he ran into during this TRANSformation (pun,pun).

Thanx, Adam

Adam Thanks for the offer to share your experience. I look forward to hearing how it comes out and OF COURSE post any photo's you have too ;)

Sacto... have you made Rocky's July Benefit show (@Auburn) or his Black Corvette Run?

A friend and myself had the mod done at a corvette shop in Florida and it is the best thing I have done since I owned the vette. My friend has an 81 and I have an 80. I am running a 287 rear and my friend runs a 373. At 65 mph, the tach reads just about 1500 rpm with gas mileage on several trips to Florida and back to North Carolina is about 21.5 miles per gallon. I would highly recommend the change. My friend and I are running slightly modified 406 engines.

As Chris already stated, this topic does come up a lot; in fact I've speculated on the idea myself. By all means, keep us updated and pics would be awesome.

- Eric
700R4 In my 1980.

I just had the same swap done in my 1980. I installed a ZZ4 motor, which quickly did in my old, sick Turbo350c.

I decided to take it in the shorts and swap to the 700R4. I had the same work done as listed above (HD sprag, higher stall lockup convertor, Corvette servo, shift kit, the works).

I was going to go buy the complete kit from Bowtie Overdrives ($1500 w/shipping) but my shop talked me into letting them do the transmission also.

They modified the cross member, had the drive shaft shortened and balanaced, new u-joint, TV cable and bracket and the tranny swap for --- $1460 --- TOTAL !!

And it only took them about 3 1/2 days (waiting 1 day on driveshaft).

The car now runs at 75 mph and about 1800-1900 RPM.
Re: Re: 700R4 In my 1980.

Racer78 said:
Awesome, that price sound real good. That was parts and labor?
Keith :w

That was everything -- core, parts, labor, customizing the crossmember, drivshaft work --- the total bill !!

I am a VERY happy customer !!

That is an excellent price!! I really trust Bruce. Performance Trans has been really great when it comes to my cars and he has a great reputation. I need to call him and find out what's going on with the car. Perhaps I should stop by and say hi to the car. I'm sure it misses being driven.


I will let you all know how things turn out.
Trans Completed!!

All I ahve to say is OH MY GOD!! Man What a difference!!

If anyone out there has even thought about changing the trans to a 700r4 all I have to say is DO IT. DO IT NOW! Do it while you have the money because it is the best thing I have ever done to this car!!!

It is such a joy to drive now! I can just jump in and run 70-80 MPH down the road and not have to worry about the engine spinning @ 4000-4500 RPM. I can actually drive in the fast lane an PASS people!! LOL

Gas milage is better. She just sounds happier!

The trans is out of a 2000 WS6.

Question out to someone...Has anyone put an after market shifter in this style vette?

Please let me know if you want more information on this mod!!

If that trans is out of a 2000 trans am, isn't it a 460 fully electronic version of the 700? They quit making the 700 in production applications somewhere around 93.

If it is a 2000, please give us more details on the electronics that you are running to control it, and how you program the shift points, etc.
try looking at sallee chevrolet web site.
they have a nice tech article on installing a 4L60 into a non computer vehicle.
They also have a high performance trany ,and a different tail shaft to fit right into the TH4000 mounts.

I just installed a 700R4 in my 80. It cost me $1900 with shipping. Im still doing the final touches and i too can not wait to drive the friggin thing. I just I also installed a new gm goodwrench engine. I got the trann from 700R4.com
OK...I'm feeling dimwitted right now. How is this new transmission affecting your top speed and rolling acceleration? What is the final drive of the car? For some reason, my mind is not computing correctly here :r

EDIT: OK..I just went to 700R4.com. Good reading. But, I still have my questions above after reading their FAQ. If you're cruising on the highway 65mph @ 1900rpm, I'm assuming that's their 4th gear? If you stomp on the throttle, does it jump down into 2nd like the regular TH350 does? And then how long will it continue to rev, and into what gear? Getting down to the real question... Will this increase my top speed due to the lower ratio rear end? More top speed is goooood, very good. (Right now I'm around 150mph in my '80).
Evo 80,
look on sallee chev web site at their high per. trans, and specs.
sounds good.
Oh My GOD. I just took the car out on the highway(700R4). 75 mph @ 2000rpms!! :L If there was any doubt on changing your trans to a 700R4 just do it. I cant believe it. The noise level itself is worth it.
mmvette80 said:
Oh My GOD. I just took the car out on the highway(700R4). 75 mph @ 2000rpms!! :L If there was any doubt on changing your trans to a 700R4 just do it. I cant believe it. The noise level itself is worth it.

Great news! Now, how about first gear? Do you feel any more bottom end grunt when you nail it? The 700 is famous for the first gear ratio as well as the overdrive.

I bet the car is faster now 0-60:bu
w/3.06 1st gear you should feel difference. Also an Infamous thing about the 4L60(700r4) is that you can scatter em quicker compared to the th 350. Epecially pre 87 4L60's (early 87- 82 came with a weak 27 spline input shaft). If get one make sure it's as new a possible 90-92. 93 and up is the 4L60E which will work but will need a controller. There's a few companies like JET sell a controller.

I have 4L60 in my camaro with 3.42 rear, and according to the guys a BTO.com it would run 60 at 1800 with 27" tires. I haven't had a chance to prove it yet because I start with tranny swap and decided take my interior a part and update the seats with 4th gen peices, new carpet, dash, gages.....etc.
I can leave a 5 ft skid off the line where before that off the line was a joke. I can now power brake till the tires melt off.
Ok.. I will have to provide a little more description on what was done. Unfortunatley I can't do that now. I just got finnished installing a set of Edelbrock Performer heads, Headders and roller rockers. It is in the shop now getting all the little tweaks done. After that it has to go back to the trany shop because I was losing 4th gear on the highway. So in about a week or so I will take her out and try to write down some of the information you are looking for. I will have Bruce www.2004rPerformanceCenter.com tell me the details on what was done to get this trany in and what it is and how it is controlled.

Did you lose 4th only or having problems with the lockup? Usually you lose both 3 and 4.}

A vette servo and boost valve will help along with a shift kit like one from Transgo. It will help with routing fluild to the 3-4 gears.


Again 700r4 can't take high hp (really torque is the killer) in stock form most can take 350-390 ft lbs max. You can add 4L60E internals like upgraded sun gears, pump, sprag etc.

I know a lot of people who have taken these trannies out and need rebuilds w/ less than 30k on them. Due to street abuse ( hgh trq motor) and regular trips to the track.

It's not a bad tranny just gotta know it limitations and good shop that can build one to last. If not you could look spend $$$ in a few months on a rebuild.

I rebuilt my 84 700r4 model with 90-92 parts a long with some off a 4L60E. Friends I know who build trans say the upgraded parts will give it up to 450 ft.lbs. I have a mild 350 but my car rarely see s the track. Mainly just cruising, and well, maybe a trip or 2 down the track :).

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