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700r4 Transmission, Yay, or Nay



I have a 1976 Stingray, L-48. April, I am going to install a 430hp 383stroker. I currently have a Turbo 350 trans, I believe in there, with a 3200 RPM stall speed, and a .308 rear end, taching 3100 at 70. Anyone have this trans in a 400hp+ vette? Is it worth the upgrade? Difference in gas mileage?
Nay if it's the pre 87 700R4. Those things are weak!


With that mill a turbo 400 would need to be BUILT!
A 700R4 COULD handle it but you would have to get that built as well more $$$$$ than a 700r4 but you would get O/D. however getting good gas milage is not a concern here!

I'm assuming a stick is out of the question?


No this is going to be hooked up to a modded ZF-6 speed. I live in the Netherlands and there are NO competent shops here so I do everything myself. If I blow up the ZF I'll get another one or a ROD6. I could always start cryo trating internals.

The ZF will probably receive external oil cooling (w/ pump & cooler) however I still need to fab that stuff.

I'm actually more worried about the clutch. Luckily turbo's need some rps to spool up and since it will be a road racer full throttle clutch dumps on't be very common (if any at all) I just want to go fast on the German highways :D


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