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Mar 27, 2001
86 & 99 Z51's
how much horsepower can it handle stock?...modified?
Vettex2, We installed a 700r4 in a 72 convertable, with a 434 stroker about 2 years ago(maybe longer) the car gets "driven" everywhere, has about 425HP and even more torque, gets 19MPG, 13sec flat in QTR mile (just playin', gets 3rd gear scratch, went 135MPH at Texas Speedway a couple of weeks back, and has not had any trouble, so far. I don't know what else I can tell ya........Steve
HI there,
Just a fact about 700r4. Remember that Reeves Callaway use these, unmodified, in the Supernaturals, and the Twin turbos, with hardly a hiccup.
Supers were about 460 ft lbs of torque, and Turbos were upwards of 600 ft lbs of torque.
Personally, as long as the shift points are quick and concise, and there is not a sliding shift, you should be fine with any issues.
Personally, as long as the trans is maintained, like a cooler, correct changes of the fluids, and the like, I have not seen one fail.
Best to all, c4c5

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