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Randy 71

Vetters, I have an alarm key on the rear of my 71. Not sure if it was orginal or not. key is located above the CORVETTE letters on the back of the car. Question 1. Is this the correct location for alarm on a 71 or is this a customer installed opition. Question 2. The alarm is currently not working. I have crawled under the car to check it out and found a brown wire just hanging. Any ideas on what, where and color of the wires to be attached. Question 3. Did the alarms in 71 have motion dectectors mounted somewhere or were they just attacehed to door and hood pins? Thanks in advance..

That is the correct location for the key. My '72 had the switch in the same place. However, the alarms on these years can be finicky at times. Unfortunately when I sold the '72 the repair manual (with schematics) went with her. No motion detector that I remember.

I'm sure there'll be plenty of responses with the solution to your problem. Good Luck and welcome to the CAC.

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