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'71 Fan Switch

So here's where I am today: Things are looking up ! I jumped the two 12 ga wires at the relay and the blower motor spooled right up to full speed - great ! Then I disconnected the "melted mess" from the plug that goes I don't know where (I think it might have originally gone to the A/C compressor because there are definitely new wires going to the new compressor) and taped up the plug.
Then I got brave and connected the three prong plug on the relay the way it is supposed to be connected and tested the blower motor fan at the switch on the console; I seem to have all speeds - again, great !!
I'm going to go fasten the relay back to the A/C box, make sure everything is where its supposed to be and take it for a test ride. And you can believe that I'm going to have the fire extinguisher within arms reach !
Next week the transmission pan - hopefully no surprises.
Thanks to everybody for all your help !
Bernie O
That's great. And all you had to do was put it back they way it was supposed to be in the first place. makes you wonder what the thought process was behind that wiring mess to begin with.

Tom, sorry for the late reply - got tied up with other issues. So... the test drive went fine - have all speeds for the fan and it cools “OK”; I don’t think it will ever cool as well as the R-12, but what are you going to do. Still waiting on my pan for the auto trans. Hopefully that will be a straight forward fix; if not you’ll hear from me !
On another note: I’m wanting to sell this car and buy a C-6 for easier/more comfortable cruising, but I’m thinking right now is a BAD time to be selling. I contacted a couple of the well known dealers who say they will buy “any car, any condition” and if I did hear back they weren’t interested.
Any thoughts ?
R12 was the best. Our 81 is still on R12. I always figured that those dealers that say they will buy any Corvette in any condition were just fishing for special cars that someone either didn't know what they had or were selling cheap out of desperation.
You can at least work on your 77 without a computer.
A C6 you can't..just my opinion
That's why I hang on to my'81

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I get that - that's why I'm holding on to my '59 ! I just want a car that I can pretty much stick the key in and go 1000 miles if I want to in relative comfort and decent gas mileage. Neither the '59 nor the '71 give that to me.

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