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73 AIM Help needed


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Aug 21, 2001
Round Rock, TX
73 LS4 Coupe - 04 CE Conv
I am looking for page 8D/1 (UPCC 8D, Sheet 1) from the '73 Assebmly Instruction Manual (AIM). All that I have seen have two 8D/2 but no 8D/1. Have talked to alot of others and theirs are the same. Appears to be a problem with the manual.

If you have page 8D/1, I would love to get a copy. This page is for the hose routing for the evaporative canister system for the L48 and L82 (Sheet 2 is for the LS4).

E-mail me if you have what I am looking for.


I have a 71 assembly manual. Don't know if that page is the same or not.

I can check and see.

I have a 72 manual, but like Chris, I don't know if it's the same. Will be happy to help if I can.

71 and 72 might be the same, don't know the status of the evap canister on those years, but would bet that the 74 would be the same. If you could send me the small block evap canister page I would greatly appreciat it.

Also, anyone out there with a 74 AIM?


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