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73 Horse power



I have a 73 vette with a 350/ production date late 1969. It has 2.02 heads a Holley contender intake and I believe a 750 Holley on top. I am thinking about headers, a cam, and maybe replacing the timing chain with a gear drive if need be. The guy I bought it from says it only has 20k on a rebuild and it is bored 30 over. I am mechanically inclined but not a true gear head. I am looking for advice and any suggestions will be appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you all.

Pablocruz :cool

PS i have another poll on colors for the car. I will keep you posted.
Headers and a true dual exhaust would be a good upgrade for your current set up. A lot of people have reported good results on installation and performance using the DynoMax ceramic coated headers.

Camshaft selection can't be done without knowing your transmission, rear gear ratio, usage and engine modifications.

Gear drives aren't needed on street cars. You could get by a lot cheaper and quieter with a double roller chain.

Think about roller tip rockers to reduce the load on the valvetrain if you are going to install a high performance cam. Full rollers are neat but they open up a Pandora's box of other issues.

If you plan on removing the cylinder heads while doing upgrades consider having the heads ported. Big gains can be had from port work on stock Chevy heads.

Let us know if you need any further help spending your money!
Since it is not the original engine, have you considered just selling that engine and droping in a GM performance crate engine? I really like the FastBurn 385, a 350 ci with 385 hp.

Sure, you can handle it! My advise first off is to do your homework first! Read everything you can get your hands on! Pickup some books specific to the areas of interest, and don't forget to include a good service manual too. Talk to people about their knowledge and experience. Parts selection is the hardest part of your quest here. Too many of these 'hot rod' parts look and sound great, but will they work together in harmony to give you what you're looking for and max bang for the buck!? I suggest a good source of selection reference is the manufacturers themselves. They designed it, they build em, and it's their business to know, not to mention their bread and butter. But again each one will tell you something a little different. So this is where your knowledge of 'what you want' comes in. Beyond that, a reputable engine builder would be a good reference of experience as to what works for him.
Best of Luck -Dave
Thanks guys

I have been doing my homework and have ideas of what I want. I guess what I am really doing is trying to get another point of view. I want to work with what I have. I still need to get with the guy that I bought it from. He was the one that had it rebuilt. If I remember right it was bored 30 over has 10:1 pistons. I am not sure of the cam. I am going to pull the heads and have them ported. The intake and Carb are holley. My thoughts right now are headers, an MSD ignition, K&N filter. What else do you think I could do for now.


Ps. 75Shark I sent Holley and e-mail when I was home and had all the part numbers in front of me and the guy writes back, "Put some headers on it." So much for their technical dept.

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