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Decoding 1965 Corvette Coupe Original Specs


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May 2, 2023
Stevensville, MI
1965 327 Coupe
Hi, I am new to the forum and look forward to learning - and hopefully sharing - information about Corvettes. My wife recently inherited a 1965 Coupe from her father which has been in her family since the 1970's . It is a 327 model and from what I can tell all numbers match for the car.

We are in the process of understanding details about the car: its configuration when it left the factory, previous owners, etc. The VIN number is: 194375S119154 and the silver tag next to the VIN has the following: STYLE: K4 65 437 TRIM: std BODY: S3419 PAINT: 90000. The numbers on the
engine are: 5119154 and FO5IIHH

I am mainly interested in understanding how the car was equipped when it left the factory and if the side exhaust currently is original or added at some point during the car's life.

Also, is there a way to figure out the chain of ownership of the car, the dealership it was sold at, etc.?

Thanks in advance for any help!
Welcome to the CAC
Trim tag says 65 437 which is 1965 Coupe. S is St Louis assembly plant. 119154 is the build sequence number which is also found on the engine stamp pad so the engine matches the car. Engine build date code is F for Flint engine assembly plant. 05 for May. 11 for the eleventh day. The HH suffix is a 327/365 horsepower. Very desirable. Since it is a high horsepower solid lifter engine it would be a 4 speed and not available with A/C. STD trim is black vinyl. The 90000 paint code stumps me. In 1965 paint codes were two letters such as UU for Rally Red usually seen stamped U-U. Looking at some pictures of original 1965 trim tags I see some stamped with the double letter and others stamped with 900 and the paint code after. Could yours actually be 900CC which would be white or QQ which would be silver? What color is your car and is it the original paint color? There are examples of special order paint colors with non-standard codes on the trim tag.

As for the side pipes. Many cars have been converted over the years. There were specific differences in the body, rocker molding and side rail of the frame for side pipe cars. This thread from the NCRS Tech Board will help you determine. There is no way to determine options from the vin or trim tag.

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Hi Tom, thank you SO much for the help with the trim tag info. I have attached some photos of the car, it is indeed silver.

I will look at the thread you suggested and try to determine if the car indeed came from the factory with side pipes.

All the best,



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That's a nice car. My 65 had the teakwood steering wheel too. Another highly desirable option. When you open that link if you click on display at the top right of the first post and change it to linear it will be easier to read.

Very nice 65! Love the Silver C2s. Very original looking although I'm guessing that is a repaint at some point...just looks too good to be original paint.

My 64 coupe from the mid 70s... now you know why I'm partial to Silver C2s...
Sharp looking 64 Tom. I like the flares. My 67 coupe had cut rear wheel wells but it wasn't silver.

Nit meaniung to hijack, but here are a couple other pics.


Sharp interior. Many moons ago a good friend had a 1965 Coupe, silver with silver leather, Fuel Injection, knockoff wheels and side pipes. He fell asleep coming home from work one morning and hit a bridge abutment on the interstate. He didn't get hurt much but the car burned to the ground.

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