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75 Power Window Repair, Did it Myself


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Jan 6, 2001
Pottstown, Pa.
Only took me 2 hours today to splice together severed wires.
After removing door panel and motor access panel I discovered that the wires were completely cut in half. I then removed the map holder panel from the dash and then was able to trace the wires that lead to the window motor. I removed the connector from the window motor and removed the wire jacket that runs from the frame to the door. with a long needle nose pliers I was able to fish out the wires in the jacket. Luckily, there was plenty of slack in the dash. I then proceeded to splice the wires together and feed the connector back through the door and to the motor and voila, I was done. Put everything back and the window is working perfectly. I never done this before and was very pleased with myself afterwards.
I probably saved myself a couple hundred bucks also.
Just wanted to share this expierience with those who work on thier own cars and the satisfaction you get out of accomplishing something you have never done before.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Repair Job


Good job! What cut the wires? Did you do something to prevent that from happening again?
Yes I did, GreyGhost. there was enough slack in yhe dash that the splice I made in within the door and not in the sleeve that 's connecting the side frame and the door. the wires came apart inside that sleeve, which leaves me to believe that from opening and closing the door it just wore out. something like when you take a wire hanger and bend it back and forth. it will eventually snap. I also made sure it was well away from the window mechenism.
Joe V.

Doesn't it feel great to find a problem, solve it and repair it? That is one of the things I enjoy most about the car hobby.:beer
Man, that makes ya feel good doesn't it.

I always enjoy when i find a problem, determine the needed fix and then fix it right.

Good work. :)


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