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77 Shark Interior Electrical

Aug 29, 2001
Norcross, Georgia, United Stat
2017 Arctic White Grand Sport
My first project on my new Vette was to add a radio. (after making sure all of the maintenance was current). Of course, being the perfectionist that I admit I am, I couldn't just open the dash up and walk away from what the previous owner did. Every repair takes a week, not because of committment, but as you are all aware, it takes that long to order the parts.

I received the new clock back today. Put it in and I now have a clock.

While I had the gauge cluster out, I followed some good advice I read in this forum about replacing all the bulbs. There are nine in the insutrument cluster area, including the four warning lights. Of the other five, only the middle three work, with the two on the lower corners not lighting up. I've moved the sockets and the lights and they work when put in the three interior positions.

Any advise other than to replace the circuit board?

Thanks in advance.


Have you probed with a test light to see if you could get anything at the socket or on the circuit wire?
Not yet. The other three lights appear to be on the same circuit so I assumed that power to one would be power to all 5. A friend at work brought in his test light and I plan to do that tonight.

One thing i noticed is that some of the nuts on the back for what I refer to as the power posts for the insturment are missing. (Not all go to instruments, this is just a reference). I didn't think much of it at the time because while the post goes through the circuit board, there is no metal schematic there to contact with.

Should there be nuts on all of the posts?

If I have to buy the board, I have found one here in Atlanta at The Last Detail for about $125. Is this a good price? I have seem them, at Eckler's I think, for over $200.

Took the whole instrument cluster to a shop on Friday. They hooked it up to an Ohmmeter and thinks that there is a ground problem with the screw post on the lower left side of the cluster near the ampmeter as you face the back.

He's still got the thing and hopefully will have it back to me next week.

If only Zip would get me my two week old order than I could put the dash back together.


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