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77 Strange electrical problem



Hi guys,

Let's see how good you are. This one will test you!

I have a 77 Corvette L82. After running the car long enough to warm it up, I shut it down, wait about 5 minutes and the little light down by the spare tire comes on, the rear window defogger has power ( it doesn't come on unless I switch it on, but it has power ), and the power antenna comes up! There was an aftermarket radio and power antenna on the car when I got it. At that time, even the radio would come on! I have since changed the radio and it works properly. If I run the car long enough, the power to all of the above doesn't even go off until the car has a chance to cool down or it runs the battery down. Do you have any idea what may be causing this? I have a manual for the car and it doesn't even show the little light by the spare tire. I'm beginning to wonder if light is original equipment.

Frederick Zachery
Texarkana, TX.
I'm in the middle of retoration of a '76 coupe and do not recall any "little light" by the spare tire. I also do not have an electric antenna. It sure sounds like an add-on light by the spare which may be wired wierd or something.

First off... zackster & golfmann ~ Welcome to the CorvetteActionCenterCommunity ~

I'm not real sure what year they added the "little light" by the spare tire.. the light is part of the delay lights that stay on after the ignition is turned off. The Light is a "walk around light" suppose to give off enough light so you don't trip over something as you hehehehe walk around it..

My guess is... your light delay timer module is shorting after getting hot and making ground contact. I believe this unit is located behind or to the right side of your glove box. Almost sounds like a circuit board in the module swells after getting hot and makes ground contact in the delay lighting circuit ;)

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