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Question: 79 Hood Clearance


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Jan 23, 2007
Millersville, MD
1979 L-48 Black Coupe
Well, I searched the forum and really didn't come up with much information on what hood i really need. Need some suggestions.

I have a 79 with complete Top-End Rebuild. Edelbrock RPM Intake Manifold with a Holley Carb. The Air cleaner is about 3.25''. The stock hood will obviously need to be replaced. What are my options? I have done some research and what interests me the most and think looks the best is this but is it to much clearance? Or where can I get it cheaper? I'm sure shipping rates are ridiculous with this item.

Corvette Hood, Hi-rise Design, 1977-1981 - Corvette Parts And Accessories

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