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79 trim question


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Oct 13, 2003
1979 coupe,L82,4speed
Can anyone tell me if the piece of aluminum trim that is underneath each door is supposed to be painted or bare aluminum. I have looked at several pictures and can't tell. I have a black 79 L82 and the trim piece is painted black. I have a 79 L48 parts car and it is just bare aluminum. - Bob
in the 79 sales brochure, they are painted black. if you punch in (79 corvette sale brochure) in ebay, you can see for yourself.
For my 78 the base trim was flat black but the Pace Car had a shiny finish...it is a cheap screw on piece out of the Mid America catalog to change...
Just the top edge is polished.
Thanks for all the quick replies fellows. The strips on mine are actually painted black with a thin strip of bare aluminum all along the top like mkapp describes it. Sounds like this is the original paint scheme. Hey mkapp Where is Beecher ,IL? I live in Mt. Vernon and know where Beecher City is but not Beecher.

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