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81 fast idle problem



I'm having a problem with the engine idling fast right at startup - up to 3000 rpm, and never goes down... the choke plate stays open, and bumping the throttle does nothing. Manually closing the choke plate takes the idle down but of course it won't stay that way. Does it just need cleaning, or does the problem seem more serious? i've been doing a little work on it since I purchased it a few weeks ago. It had a problem of missing while idling and sitting still while in gear, but I changed the plugs and wires and that seemed to help. any comments on how to fix the iding?



sounds like a vaccum leak. The most common one is the egr valve hose to the solinoid. It has a tendency to fall down onto the intake and burn. The leak causes the ecm to raise the idle. Had this very problem a while back.

Hope this helps.

Bye the way, Check out the L81vetteregistry.com page. Site is dedicated to the 1981 Corvette. Great guys over there.


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