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81 Rear window tinting questions.

81' Corvette Guy

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Nov 14, 2002
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Hi all,
Have a 81 vette, think bout tinting the rear window. Want to see if I can do it myself. Going to use the 3M 5% limo black film, legal here in Texas. Have seen the tint run two ways, first..with vertical seams and then with horizontal seams. Have also seen it done in one-piece applications. Those of you that have the window tinted, how has yours held up..would like to try to avoid the puckering that occasionally happens on the curved part of the rear glass once the film has cured. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and peace out <*)))>< Joe
The 82 was already done professionally with one piece when i purchased it. It has held up real well, even with the heat of So. FL. I would recommend having it done as the cost is really not that bad and it can be a real pain in the butt.
Either way, good luck.


The big Vette catalogs advertise a tinted panel that installs inside, under your compound curved rear window. Rare81 has installed one in his, and I would like to get one for mine.
Don't know what the cost is.
Right on Heidi ;)

Here is a discussion from a previous thread, just click HERE
Down about three or four posts ;)

:bu :w
I had mine for nearly twenty years in my 81. The manufacturer was Gila. The only reason I had to get rid of it was due to some abrasion on the plastic made it spotty looking. It was a great product and I never remembered it was there. Now that I know they are still around I'll be getting another. WHY TINT?Sides ok!:w :CAC

Just curious, but I heard somewhere that tinting a window with the defoggers could ruin the defogger? is that true?

Go to tintdude.com, what they say it is not the tint itself but the installation that can cause problems. I heard if you have tint on your rear window already and you or one of the tint installation places errors in taking it off ..especially with straight razor blade, they can cut through the filament that runs in the defroster grid making it useless.

I have seen some after market tint removing solutions and the bigger chain auto stores. Have also read on the site tintdude.com that you can mist the tint that is on there and tape a black plastic bag into place set it in the sum for a couple of hours and you can just peel it off afterwards. If it all doesn't come off " rinse and repeat".

Good luck, I called "mothers window tint" place here in San Antonio Tx. and asked them weather they used a one piece application or 2 piece, they said, "one piece for the rear window and we warranty it for life of the original owner. Would be $99 bucks for just the rear window with the 5% limo black, and $167 bucks for the whole car including the visor. Doesn't sound too bad, may take it to them and see what they can do. Although that pre tinted pop in insert looks pretty appealing...hehe.

Good luck with that job, hope all turns out well!! :)

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