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81 stock radio



Came home last nite and decided to start getting my car ready to go to Bloomington Gold, I was going to put the stock radio back into the car to make it 100% stock/original and guess what? The box with the radio and several other treasures is missing! I have tore this place and most of west Tennessee apart trying to find this ******* box! If anyone out there has any ideas where I can find a 1981 Stock Corvette AM/FM cassett radio with the clock please respond to this thread or e-mail me any help would be greatly appreciated.
Check out the L81VetteRegistry page and Search for "1981 Corvette" or Search for "81 Corvette" I've seen radios there in the past.. Also another source is Gruhala Enterprises

Good luck

Thanks for the info BudD. I guess I lost the only stock radio in the whole universe because everyone I ask treats me like I just asked for the meaning of life. Are these things really that rare. didn't think I would have this much trouble finding a radio.
It's hard... but be patient these do come up on Ebay every so often.. If I see one I'll post it here and on the Registry..

I am new to the world of Corvettes and just got a 1981 with 39000 miles on it, all orginal. I feel real stupid but I have a question on the radio you are talking about, how do you set the clock? I tryed every button combination I can think of with no luck. Thanks for any help and I hope you find a radio.

They are surprisingly hard to find. Carlisle is coming up in August. Let me know if you find one by then. If not I'll look for you when I'm there. How's the mom new baby doing? Hope to see you at BG this summer.

Regards............... Nut

It is difficult to find stuff for an 81 but will be on the lookout for one too. I will be at Carlisle also searching, lots of luck.


Hey Terry
Try setting your clock by having the ignition on with the radio off, the seek and scan buttons need to be pulled out to change the settings. The hours and minutes will change with each time you pull out the buttons. Hope this works for you !

I believe Trent found a radio... his post here is from 2001 ;)
Trent 81 clock

Trent there is a place in Lexington, Tn called Rogers Clocks I think is the name. He advertises in Fever and Vette mags. I don't know how far you are from there but you may give him a try. Corvettes are his speciality. I personally don't have any experience with the shop. It just caught my eye being from there as I bought my Goldwing in Lexington. My 81 has the stock Delco with 8 track. Takes me back. Good luck! Terry from Stewart County, Land Between the Lakes

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