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81 temp sender - part 2



Hi All,

New sender is in and everything seems to be back to normal.:)

Question - Is there a tool that can be hooked up to my sender to confirm that my gauge is showing the right temp?
How can I be sure that when my gauge says 160 , it actually is reading an accurate temp.?AND that the sender is correct.

Can a shop easily / quickly test this?

I think the Snap on scan tool can do this, but I'm not sure. I'm still having trouble with the 69 BB. With mechanical guage it reads 190 degrees all the time. I put a new AC Delco sending unit in and back to reading hot it went......I'll try the guage next I guess. I know the car is not getting hot........I dunno.....:)....I just wish I could grow more hair as I am sure that I will need to pull more out........Steve
Not sure if anyone can connect to your sending unit but for the money you would pay a shop you can buy a mechanical temp gauge and verify your temp. I purchased one for about $20.00 at Autozone. Nice tool to have when you have any question about your cooling system. As we all know, old vettes always have problems with their cooling system.


Oil temp gauge

Does your 81 have an oil temp gauge? Like I mentioned, the oil will eventually read within a few degrees of coolant temp. It's a great cross check, I was able to determine that mine had a 160 thermostat installed. Which I removed and installed a 180.

Yes, Ive got the Oil gauge.
Its kinda hard to compare the two gauges because they dont have the same increments. Its hard to get an exact reading on the oil temp. Know what I mean? :)


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