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82 Trans Am CFI System Modified To Fit An LT1


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Jul 25, 2016
So I have been the owner of my 82 trans am for 8 years now and since then i have been doing countless amounts of research to the point where i sometimes can not sleep until I find my answers.

To make this quick I have the LU5 305 CFI with the automatic TH-200C... a boat anchor, garage, junk, replace it I've heard it all and every time i answer go kick rock in some flip flops...

I'm not here to say I know it all obviously since I am not driving the finished product. I found so far with slight modification i believe this will work. What I would like to know is, the famous Renegade compared to a ported stock intake. How much of a difference is there really??? Does anyone know? Secondly, parallel plumb my throttle bodies, bore out the throttle bodies to 2", increase injector size, upgrade the fuel pump to that of what is needed to handle the increase in air/fuel flow. I was also reading that the characteristics for the ECM with aluminum heads vs. iron heads is a significantly different readout. I am curious as to if this is true and if so how much tuning is needed to accept this swap. In my head I thought since the LT1 is a 350 and from what I know the L83 is a 350 and ECM swap would just make everything that much simpler to work with. I know this is not everything I need to make this work but this is so far what I am stuck on.

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