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'84 still wont start



My 84 cranks over but will not start. The fuel pressure is good and the starter works but it gets no gas through the injectors and the distibutor wont send spark. I have replaced the distributer, coil, fuel filter, ECM, various fuses and checked all of the fuseable links. I have even checked the power being sent to the ECM in different ignition positions and have not found a solid answer. I think it may be one of the following,, Bad ECM (though it is new) , a relay of some sort, the PROM, the oil pressure sending "thing" (I dont know why but a lot of stuff seems to rely on that including the fuel injection and distributor) and possibly the ignition switch. If anyone might be able to cure what ales me, I would appreciate it! Thanx!
Any codes?
just 12 and 34 (I believe, Whatever it was I dont think it had anything to do with the engine, it could have been 43)

see I am in San Diego and the car is in Sacramento so I dont get to toy with it too often.
Very interesting, as I dont know what kind of distributor you have installed, but with all that you have done, I would hazard a guess that either the pickup coil within the distributor is bad, or your ignition module.
Here is why, the ignition is run by itself, as it uses the pickup coil to signal the ECM for the injector firing. Now, even if the ECM was bad, you will still have spark, no matter what happened with injector control.
What I have seen a couple of times, is that the wires get pinched under the distributor cap, causing this condition, as the signal to the ignition module shorts to ground on the distributor housing.
Look at your tach, and see if you have a signal when cranking, this will tell you if your pickup coil is not working.
Please keep us posted, c4c5
I ran into kind of a similiar problem with my '85. It turned over like it wanted to run, but just wouldn't start. Turned out I had a bad fuel pump:(
Neddless to say, as soon as I replaced it, it fired right up & ran perfect

Thanx! Corvette1984

I have gotten several very technical replies from that site! I hope one of the suggestions has the right answer! (not to say that any of these arent helpful :)
Didn't we go through this??!

1 problem at a time
Do you have 12 volts at the distrib RED wire
( Ignition on) that plugs into the side of the cap? Is the RED wire plugged into the cap where it say's BATT?
Give me a GO/NO GO for this and we'll one step it

Mike 88 Convertable
try this

unplug the injector connector,hook a test light to it,crank eng,
if the light is not blinking,the injectors are not getting a signal
from the ecm to pulse.be careful not to spike the ecm by hooking
it up without disconnecting the battery first.
let me know if it works,i ran in to this before.

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