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84 temp question



Hello, I have another question about my 84 Z51. After sitting at the shop for several months, and getting a new trans, new axel stub, new brakes and a few other things, the car would overheat. After inspection we found that someone had put about a ton of stopleak material in the cooling system. The bottom of the radiator and the lower part of the block was plugged up. I was going to have the engine and radiator rebuilt. I had the radiator rebuilt. Yogi at Bair's Corvettes in Linesville Pa suggested to my mechanic a Caustic Spray before rebuilding the motor. They sprayed it into the top of the motor and front of the block and after a week flushed a ton of gunk out of it. The car runs very cool now. It has had 2 190deg thermistats put into it and it consistantly runs at 160 down the road. Is there anything other than the thermistat that would make the car run this cool? Granted, it was about 55deg outside the day I drove it. I thought it had to run arround 190 for the computer to go into closed loop mode. It seems that the thermistat is not working properly. I have checked it with a manual gauge as well as the dash guage and it runs at 160. It also seems to take awhile to warm up. I figure next the motor will start using antifreeze and will have to be rebuilt anyway. Any ideas?? Thanks.. ..Tim
Perhaps you have a Stage 2 Performance chip installed or your fan switch is broken to the ON position. Like mine someone before me had a problem with the fan switch but instead of fixing it properly they hot wired it directly to the ignition and BATT. Doesnt bother me to much because ya it does run cool and being cool is cool :L :cool :L
Fan switch

Sounds like the fan switch to me. When I changed my fan switch from 180 to 160 (I changed the thermostat too) my engine ran cooler, but I notice when the fan switch turns on, the temp goes down. Once the 'stat is open, its job is done. The fan is what cools the engine down, or more over- air moving through the radiator cools the engine.
The fan comes on arround 230 or 240. It normally does not run.
Stock Stat

Is 210

Now 190 is a bit cool for the car...considering you have a new Rad & flush and have probably got all the dead road kill out of the air intake I would go back to 210 ( where my car runs about 200 via the digital gauge )

If you need more cooling get the mid america LOW temp fan switch ( on @ 200 & holds on till 180 ) That seems to be the ticket.

The STOCK fan switch goes on @ 232 TO HOT FOR ME!

So there you have it!

I didn't realize that the car should have a 210deg thermostat. At what point does the computer go into closed loop mode?

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