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85 c4 windows, heater,ac not working


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Jul 11, 2014
1985 c4
hi guys this is a followup of my no power to the window breaker thread -
my windows would work if powered by battery power directly to the motor, i had no power to the fuse box!
i searched through the wiring schematics only to have no answer just page cut and no way to follow wires :mad
the window wire is (orange!!) i tracked this to the driver side and it goes to the ignition switch not the key switch!
the switch was bad 15 bucks and now i have power again:happyanim:
my shitty manual said nothing about this switch powering the fuse box, it shows 1 pic and not a good one ,it also powers other stuff as well
if anyone has problems with something not working check the ignition switch on bottom of the column
-no power to the windows
-no power to the heater
-no power to the ac
-all because the ignition switch at the bottom of the steering column was bad
behind the fuse box you can see the orange wire coming in with power -powers the heater and ac fuses as well
yes i had the fuse box out - my burn off module was bad!! so i got a good look at all the wires
with the burn off module fixed it runs great:happyanim:
MY MANUAL HAS NOTHING! ON THE BURN OFF MODULE IN IT!!- this was the whole problem i was having so glad i found out about it thanks to all for any help they have given

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