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85 stereo



Does anyone know where to get a am/fm/cd unit for direct replacement on an 85 for under $570. What a rip off. MaD is the only source I've seen. I don't want to bastardize the dash so the Alpine sitting in the garage is useless. I know the Bose has a bad rap but I've gotten a lot of good sounding years out of this unit. Now that the cassette unit is bad might as well go to CD. I've heard Cruthfield had some eq. but came up blank on their sight. I gotta get this done. I mean how can I cruise down the road without my Born To Be Wild playing!???????
I put a Pioneer in mine Restless, and didn't have to cut the dash or anything. ;)

Thanks to all. Thanks to you guys I can afford to get this done and keep it original:beer Hope I can return the favor one day.:J
Most problems with the cassette are caused by the belts breaking or stretching.
The belts can be purchased for most electronic repair stores.
Last time I did mine they wanted $15 for the two belts, yes that is high but still worth it to me.
I would take the radio apart very carefully first to check the belts, if you fail to reassemble it correctly you are only out the belt price.
It may be worth the chance, its better odds than the lottery.
Crutchfield comes up blank because they dont want to get into the Bose system problems..............we used an Audiovox for its stock appearance and added a changer with 10 discs (under $500).....not great "quality" but it does look stock and we've had no problems.....

Its easy to add ANY aftermarket stereo to Bose system.....we used a soundgate convertor of extruded aluminum ($99)...

WHATEVER U DO NO NOT BUY THE MAD SYSTEM.....they get theirs from Custom Autosound....their converter is a piece of garbage...it picks up every engine whine!!!!!! Anything U but from them u can find elsewhere ALOT cheaper!!!

See out website for the details.......
I've looked at the audiovox but I'm not a big fan. I did pull it apart and it is a belt but I can't even figure out how to take the damn thing apart. They must assemble them this way for job security. I'll probably end up going with a rebuilt original unit , repair mine and keep as a spare unless I get a mail order degree in "the art of taking radios apart 101".
Thanks for all the help.:L
send it to me, I will install the belt free.
If I can live without it for a while I may take you up on that. I appreciate the offer and will be in touch. :_rock

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