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'87 L98---"no Idle"



I need some help..This just started last night on the way home...
daily driver... 79k miles... no mods...presently putting about 100 miles a day on it...pain in the butt, running like this...

My 87 will not idle...I do not mean it idles bad, when I lift, it dies..
I can keep it running by pressing the pedal a little, and make it stay at 8-900 rpms, but I want my idle back...

Still runs good..no performance problems, just no idle...

No check engine light...no high temps...nothing, just when I let off
the gas..it dies...



Do a search


Idle Air control....
Lots O post's lot's o good info.

Thanks vigman


read a lot of things...ran it down to what I thought it might be...
but tried the easy way first....reset the computer....and it worked!!

Thanks again..
Still, it could be an indication that soemthing is going awry. I'd look into it further if it was mine. ;)

The IAC, the TPS, etc.; were there any codes before you reset the computer?

_ken :w
if running like that.....

always blink the codes out and if you need help post'em here i'm sure someone can look them up for find them for you to know what to look for. Even with the check engine light not coming on it could still leave some codes. For a rookie trying to trace codes can be fun. Don't worry bout codes that aren't in the manual they are called ghost codes. These are fun if you didn't know cause it'll drive you batty. For instance it might blink out a code 23 44 67 the one listed is 23 in the manual lets say it is a water temp sensor. (been awhile since i did codes since i'm not a mech by trade but did goto technical school for auto technologies ;) ) the other codes 44 and 67 are ghost codes when you fix the water temp sensor and reblink they won't be there after you reset the computer. Reason i brought up the water temp sensor i had it do the same thing in my 82 z/28 and it acted the same way. its possible its starting to go up and when that happens most of time it shows the car running at optimum temp but the computer thinks its still running cold like on start up in the morning. I'd check it out....

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