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89 Bose System Replacement



I am replacing my Bose system this weekend with an upgrade. I am going to go with Pioneer DEH-P76DH AM/FM Cd Player.

I decided to do this one, because my car does not hava a cd player and two, the Bose door speakers sound terrible (very scratchy and high pitch sound).

Well today, I started to remove the speaker from the driver's door and noted that the connection was loose so as a fluke I tighten the connector at the speaker and put it back together. Turned on my radio and the speaker sounded great, in fact so good it overwhelmed the other speakers. It lasted for about ten seconds and it blew the 15 amp fuse.

I took it back apart to ensure that I did not pinch or cut wire. No problems there.

Anyone else have this problem?


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Oct 23, 2001
Oconomowoc, WI
1989 Medium Blue Metalic Convertible
I have an 89 convertible with the Bose too. Mine works sometimes but three of the four speakers won't do anything for about ten minutes, then they cut in. The fourth speaker always comes on immediately but seems weak. Even when it works, it sounds crummy when comaped to todays modern audio setups.

I priced getting the four speakers rebuilt by a few shops and came up with about $450 to $500. This seemed to be expensive so I also decided to pull the Bose stuff and put the same Pioneer product in you mentioned. Then I plan to gut the door speaker boxes and install new 3.5 inch coaxials. This is my winter project along with installing a Flowmaster Series 50 cat back exhaust with SS tips.

I noted that Midwest sells the Pioneer receiver for about $499. You can save about $200 by getting the exact same radio from Crutchfield!

I plan to keep all of the Bose parts so I could return to factory stock if needed for a future buyer. Never know when the old 89 will be worth $100,000! (at least it is to me...........I love the car!)
Jun 20, 2002
Tallahassee, FL
none right now :(
How are you going to wire the deck to the speakers... there are two ways... you can use the Bose amps, or bypass them... If you use the Bose, the new stereo won't sound any better than the Bose... even if you bypass them you may not get decent sound...


New Pioneer speakers. 4" in the doors 6X9" in the rear.


Yesterday, I started the replacement of the system. In order to get the speakers in the doors I had to pull out the speaker boxes. To do this I had to take it apart inside the door about twelve screws.

By the way the new radio fit very good all holes lined up, I just had to shave a little on both sides of the bezel.

Powered the radio/cd player up today sounds great.


I have upgraded from bose already

I already installed a new system on my bose vette. I used a Pioneer DEH-P77DH deck using $90 adapter to attach to the factory Bose amps. I found the Bose speakers to sound better, but still not up to todays standards. I replaced the rear speakers with Boston Acoustic FX9 6x9's and found that the mounting holes do not line up correctly, so I modified the plastic speaker mount to hold and seal the 6x9's. The front speakers are 6.5 inch Boston's. The 6.5 inch speakers required that I build a small wooden extension from the door to mount the in. after smoothed and carpeted, it looks factory. I bypassed the factory bose amps using the RCA's on the deck straight to a new 800 watt four channel amp. The end result was 3 hours just to install the amp (it is hard to find a good ground) and 6 hours to install the speakers and deck. It kills import stereo-heads to hear a system over their exhaust.


Replacingthe Bose stereo system was one of the first things I did. I installed a Pioneer DEH-6400 Head Unit, mounted Alpine speakers on the dash wich involved some modifications to the dash, I then replacement the stock speakers with Alpines. I have two MTX Blue Thunder subs in a custom made enclosure with a Lightning Audio B200.2 amp running them which is mounted on the box. I power my highs using a 180 watt Rockford amp. I decided to make my own custom enclosure so I would still be able to remove the targa top and slide it in the hatch.

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